How God has used my baby for His Glory in the first four months of his life

I may have underestimated God’s power a bit before he used this 15 pound little human to rock my world.

The meaning of Oliver’s name is so special to me, Oliver means peace and Zane means precious gift from God. Ever since we found out he was a boy, I have prayed that he would have a heart after Jesus’, a gentle and peaceful spirit, and with that spirit, that he would be a warrior, fighting for justice and the Gospel truths. I pray that masculinity won’t overcome him but he would be genuinely STRONG and that he’d radiate the love of Jesus through peace and gentleness to those he was around. I selfishly prayed that his arrival into this world might even bring peace to and mend relationships that really need some mending.

It is an absolute joy to see Oliver have a peaceful and gentle spirit already but that took shape in a completely different way than what I prayed would happen. Through Oliver, God has revealed my own uneasy and anxious spirit, I truly did not realize how insanely restless I am but God has graciously called out all my mess and I’m working through it. Rather than using Oliver for what I wanted to use him for (to bring unity and restore relationships – big tasks for a baby, I know), he used him to call out my restless spirit and draw me into finding peace that only my Heavenly Father can bring — peace that can’t come through any earthy relationship.

I am so unbelievably humbled by the soul experience that I’ve had since Oliver came into this crazy world and though I will naturally feel I know what’s best for Oliver, ultimately, God’s plan for him is so much greater. So, I’ll daily lay that desire to control down and give my sweet baby boy to him. Because God is gracious and his plan is good. Thank you Jesus for allowing me and my dream guy to steward this little ones life. The experience so far has forever changed me. I am (daily) praying against having an agenda for Ollie’s (or any of our future kids) lives – that’s just not my role – but instead a willing heart that will continue to welcome and aid in the Lord’s purpose for each of their lives.

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