I am 39 weeks today! I can’t even believe how quickly time has gone by until right now, just now has time started crawling by. I cannot wait until Oliver is here, I grow more and more anxious with every day that passes, but I know that in just a few short weeks I will be holding my sweet boy in my arms.

This pregnancy has been a dream. I really, truly could not have asked for a more pleasant pregnancy. I had some pretty serious food aversions in the first trimester and was sick for about 2.5 weeks in the third trimester (about three weeks ago – the first week of me working from home full time!) but that has seriously been the worst of it.

Big changes have happened in the last nine months: we moved, Justin switched jobs into a part time position in ministry, I quit my day job and started working from home full time, we traveled to see family, went on the most perfect babymoon, Justin traveled to Cambodia, and we prepared for our little ones arrival. But, we are settled and so at peace right now. Sometimes we just don’t see it, nine months ago I had no idea how all this crazy was going to go down but what sweet timing The Lord has.

The emotions throughout different stages in pregnant have been really interesting (put mildly) and God is so good to know that we need 9 months to process through it all. I’ve gone from anxious about how everything would work out to scared about labor and delivery to empowered, back to scared and weak, then sad about losing time with Justin to feeling guilty about being sad about losing time with Justin to this last week really – just feeling 100% at peace. Labor and delivery will be rough, it will surely be painful but my goodness, I cannot wait to hold his little body in my arms and to watch Justin with him for the first time.

Come soon sweet Oliver, we cannot wait for you to join our little family.

We did maternity photos with the talented and lovely Amber Malia Photography and I couldn’t be happier that we did. I will forever treasure these pictures!

img_1581 img_1582 img_1587



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