What I’m Loving: Pregnancy Products

I was told of a million and one things that I absolutely HAD TO HAVE during pregnancy by everyone but I tried to keep it real simple and only buy the necessities and I just figured out as I went what those necessities for me were. Here’s what ended up being my absolute favorites:

Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband – this was a total lifesaver for me. I didn’t buy one pair of maternity jeans, I used this over my regular pants throughout my entire pregnancy.

Old Navy maternity dresses – (this and this) I have been pregnant through the Florida summer so these have been on repeat (the least amount of clothes that I can get away with is what I aimed for ;)). I also found a few plain shirts and tank tops at Motherhood Maternity that I dressed up with accessories and that pretty much did it for me on the maternity clothes front.

Garden of Life Protein – it’s hard to get in as much protein as you should be! Especially with food aversions. This has always been my go-to but during pregnancy, I clung to it to make sure I was getting enough protein. My go-to smoothie is: scoop of protein, frozen banana, heaping handful of spinach, cacao, and almond milk.

Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins – they are a little more on the expensive side and you have to take three of them per day but the quality and contents are so worth it. You wouldn’t believe how little nutrients you get from many of the prenatal vitamins you can get off the shelf for $10.

Frankincense, Lavender, Coconut Oil on my belly (I use Young Living for my essential oils). It’s the only thing I used on my belly.

5 drops of Young Living Abundance (this is a YL essential oil blend and it is heavenly) in the tub. Hot baths have been especially helpful toward the end, it’s really helped me to relax and relieves some of the aches and pains.

ACURE products – I have talked about them before as being products that I’ve loved and these have been safe for me to use throughout pregnancy and they’ve continued to be amazing even through my crazy hormonal skin ups and downs.

Freezer Meal Prep – I’m making my way through this list right now, picking what I want and skipping over what I don’t but this is an AWESOME list of really great freezer friendly meals.


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