Second Trimester


I would describe the second trimester of my pregnancy as a complete breeze and a total 180 degree change from the anxiety and fear and exhaustion that plagued my first trimester. I’ve been told I’ll pay for the ease that’s been my second trimester of pregnancy in the home stretch so we will see! I thankfully no longer have food aversions so I’m happy to be back eating my normal diet (I didn’t eat very healthy in my first trimester — nothing green sounded good!). I’m feeling him move like crazy — he likes to chill on the right side of my belly, I feel him there the most and he is getting big enough to be all up on my ribs on the right side which is not the most comfortable feeling but I’ll take the peace of mind that comes in feeling his pokes and jabs. Also, Braxton hicks contractions are in full swing and they’re weird – I’ve had a few that have been super intense (probably due to dehydration – trying to stay hydrated, being pregnant in the summer months in Florida is serious!!!) and others that I don’t realize until I feel my belly is hard as a rock. img_0518

We’ve now finished the registry, bought some of his nursery furniture, and we have a bunch of clothes given to us by friends so it’s all starting to get very real. Our friends and family are throwing a couple of showers for us in August and September, I’m SO excited to start celebrating Oliver with all of them.
When I think about going into labor, being in labor, and delivering our baby, I get butterflies. I can’t wait to see what the story of Oliver starts out like. I’m delivering at a birthing center with a group of midwives that are absolutely wonderful. It’s been a joy to do my prenatal care with them and the experience that I’ve had so far is so empowering. At our last visit we got all kinds of information and a checklist of things to bring to to the birthing center, we also are signed up for a birthing and breastfeeding class  and are working on a birth plan — I’m starting to realize that his arrival is not too terribly far away.
I have been struggling quite a bit with mourning the loss of my alone time with Justin, I realize that it will never be the same and while I am so excited for Oliver to be here, I’ve also been working through genuine sadness that I won’t get him all to myself every night. There won’t really be carefree, quiet nights of laying on the couch together watching a movie and I really cherish that time with him.
One thing that I’m loving the very most though, is talking about and praying over the character and heart of our little guy. I am in absolute awe that we get to have an equal representation of both myself and the love of my life. It is such a joy to think about enjoying that with Justin.
We haven’t taken a vacation just Justin and I since our honeymoon so we have a babymoon booked and are headed to St. Augustine for a week! I can’t wait for that time to unplug and relax with J before he leaves me for 12 WHOLE DAYS to Cambodia to lead a mission trip, I’m switching from working 40 hours a week in the same place that I have worked for the last 6 years to being self-employed and working from home building The Social Bee. I am SO grateful for the opportunity to do that because it will give me the freedom to be home with Oliver.

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