End of 2015 Goals

October to December is my favorite time of the year. Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are my absolute favorites. I also feel like it’s the hardest part of the year to be present in because of all of the moving parts. I always find myself standing January 1st, saying ‘wait what just happened? that was a blur.’ This fall especially has been filled with tons of celebration and traveling: football games, cabins, new babies, marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. The hardest part for me through all of the celebrating and traveling is being present. With so many things happening back to back, it’s challenging for me not to have my mind wandering to the next thing or the next to-do. So, I am thankful for the practice in being present and for God knowing my heart and providing calm and quiet moments for this introvert to recharge in the midst of all of that. I am also grateful to be on the other side of all of that, having celebrated so many of my favorite people and to have been a part of so many life-changing events!

Now for November and December, these months for me look a lot like intentionality and seeking what it is that God’s got for me, where he wants my focus and attention. Because I have a lot of ideas on where it should go, but I want to invite the Lord into that. Justin and I are both standing at the end of a road right now in a lot of different areas in our life and we are talking through which way we’ll turn. With that comes anxiety and uncertainty and pressure. So much pressure. I have had headaches daily lately, but I really have myself to blame in how I let worldly stresses affect me in such a way that I deal with DAILY headaches, that’s a daily struggle (I actually have one as I am typing) that I’m praying against right now because the reality of it is: I just don’t need to carry all that around. It is not necessary or even kind of helpful. No resolution comes from a cloudy and foggy mind.

Goals through the rest of the year:
-de-fog my head: seek peace daily. Ask God to tell me who I am to him.
-lay our worldly pressures at the foot of the cross daily (I just literally let out a sigh of relief as a wrote that)
-physical health
-finish reading Clean Gut, Sacred Marriage, The Brain That Changes Itself and continue Seamless study
-3-day juice cleanse
-work on intimacy and passion in our marriage
-stick to a once-a-week planning date with Justin
-Justin and I cast vision over the next 5 years – what are our action steps?
-Rise Media re-launch planning
-be more consistent in writing, brainstorm and plan content for the rest of the year
-spend intentional time with the ladies in my life
-continue making our house a home
-practice silence and listening for God’s voice
-intentionally UN-compartmentalize (social media, work, community, marriage)
-finish codeacademy

Writing this down is so helpful for me, it helps me think through exactly what it is I want to accomplish and work toward and reveals where my heart is really at. And now that it’s published, I’m held accountable to ACT. What does the rest of the year look like for you?


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