Stop Waiting On Paper Airplanes

We ask God to show His will – but don’t we already know it? We can live life on mission no matter where we are. In every country. Circumstance. Season. Age. Qualified by the world’s standards or not. If you follow Christ, God’s will for you is to live your life on mission for Him doing two things 1) knowing Him more and 2) making him known. 

I think Romans 12 so clearly lays it out for us.

I find myself asking God if he could throw a note down – paper airplane style – so that I could know exactly what to do or say to make my move accordingly and in the meantime I do nothing.

It makes me think of when I was younger and my mom would ask me to help her pick up the house and the first thing to come out of my mouth every single time would be the same: “what do you want me to do?” I’ll paint the picture: there are clothes on the couch to be folded, dishes in the sink to be cleaned, trash to be emptied, but instead I ask: “what do you want me to do?” As if I am blind to the disaster around me or unable to smell the stench from the laundry build up of a house of seven. And if I didn’t hear back from her or if she takes too long? I am back doing my own thing so fast. Then later, I’ll pull the ol’ “you never told me what to do.” My mom would often respond “so you didn’t do anything at all?” or “you’ve been here this whole time and that’s all you accomplished?”

I am brought to the painful realization that I never want to stand in front of Jesus and answer to why I hesitated in doing Kingdom work when I saw there was work to be done all around me. I don’t want to just push around the mess to make it like I am busy, ultimately accomplishing nothing. I’m left dreaming of what might happen if I didn’t always demand a who, what, when, where, why or how but just acted. Think of how much we could get done. Think of the reaction of our Father in Heaven – I’d imagine He would be pleased – a similar feeling to that of my moms (after fainting from shock, obviously) if we did the work without asking what needed to be done.

What if our prayers sounded a little more like that of a servant: “Heavenly Father, I see that this needs to be done so I’m going to step out in faith – would you use me here? Could I serve you in this way?” Then ACT. Sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes God’s got someone else assigned to that part of the house, using their talents there. Sometimes your role is to offer support, you hold the dust pan while someone else sweeps up the mess. Then sometimes, the answer is yes and it is more unexpected and beautiful than you could ever imagine. To be so unworthy. Sinful. Broken. Under “qualified”. Still learning. But still used to do His work. That’s the beauty of our Savior. Let’s embrace that. Let’s pray kingdom prayers. Do kingdom work.

“But how do I figure out where I am supposed to be?” The answer I’ve found most peace in: it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you on the map. Don’t miss out on the beauty of our call in trying to ‘find’ your call, it’s all the same: know God more, make Him known – you can do that wherever you’re at. If you’re at a point where you find yourself trying decide what to do or where to go in big life-changing decisions, invite your community to challenge your intentions with this question: “Am I doing this to make God known or know Him more?” If the answer is genuinely “yes” to both, I’d dare to say you can’t go wrong.

Because while the decision is life-changing, it only changes life on earth, it doesn’t change the call just the circumstances in which you know God more and make Him known.

You end up somewhere not so desirable? You share the Gospel. You end up in Hawaii? You share the Gospel. Don’t miss the opportunity to live out your purpose waiting on paper airplanes that just aren’t coming. God’s so much bigger than that.


2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting On Paper Airplanes

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  2. Wow, such a good word. We care called to go! I loved this: “I am brought to the painful realization that I never want to stand in front of Jesus and answer to why I hesitated in doing Kingdom work when I saw there was work to be done all around me.” Thank you for sharing!


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