Life’s been so wonderfully hectic with everything going on lately!

We spent a week with Justin’s family, some time at our house and some at the beach and every bit of that was dreamy. I always hate to see that time come to an end.

We got to pick blueberries (which I have never done before – SO fun..and delicious) My motto was pick one, eat one right off the bushes. They were so good.


Justin’s aunt, cousins, and grandpa met us in Indian Rocks where we visited for a couple of days and every bit of that was just what we needed.


Justin & I went camping with our sweet friends at Anastasia Park and tooled around St. Augustine. Last time I went to St. Augustine, was for a field trip in elementary school so I don’t remember it well but it is such a neat city. I’d say one of the highlights was Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar – I may have to make the jaunt to St. Augustine just to visit them again! The same owners also have a popsicle shop nearby and that was so great too.

IMG_2602 IMG_2595 IMG_2609 IMG_2589


I went up to Chattanooga for a couple of days and stayed with my not-so-chattanewbe friend, Lexi, to do some consulting work and that was such a busy trip but I got to visit a bit with her and a couple of my favorite local spots (Taco Mamacita, Milk & Honey, Urban Stack, The Camp House- to name a few)! Justin’s mama and brother made the trip down from Nashville so I got to spend time with them for a second time in two months and that was such a sweet time.


We moved my mama and celebrated my daddy for Father’s Day this weekend and I’m still catching up on sleep from like…3 weeks ago. But, I’m so ok with it. I feel like this is how I function best – some sleep wouldn’t hurt though ;). Still CANNOT wait to share what Justin and I have been dreaming about. It may have a little bit of this involved…



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