We’ve Got Ourselves A V-day Tradition

So, we live in Florida. And I have no idea why I’ve never thought to watch the sun rise and set in the same day but we ended up spending Valentines day seeing what it was all about. and it did. not. disappoint. We were up bright and early, 4:30 am to be exact, and we drove to New Smyrna. It was 35° {little chilly for this Florida girl} and we saw the sun rise over the Atlantic. We just tooled around between New Smyrna and Tampa in between the sun rise and set, played around with my camera, saw a movie, then headed toward St Pete.


We stopped for lunner (that’s lunch/dinner ;)) at Wright’s Gourmet House in Tampa and now it’s my new obsession. I’m going anytime I am reeeemotely close, and by that I mean I’ll probably drive my happy butt down there just for this place – I love the home-y feel and their food is so so good – I had their Ruben and a carrot cake cupcake to go. You know it’s gonna be good when there’s a line out the door of a bunch of people just happily waiting for their turn at 3 o’clock in the afternoon..and it was.


We walked the beach and found a place to watch the sun set over the Gulf. Magic. This is absolutely our new Valentines tradition for as long as we live in Florida! There are so many things about marriage that I absolutely love but at the very tip-top of that list is traveling, adventuring, and creating new traditions with Justin. Those were some of my favorite memories growing up so to be able to start our own traditions as a little family brings me so much joy.


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